It’s all roses!

So, I consider myself a habitual Pinterest surfer. A few weeks ago I came across the idea of making pastry roses. The first batches came out even better than expected!

These sweet beauties are time intensive, but tasty and well worth the effort! I was able to take orders for Mothers Day and thanks to my amazing followers we SOLD OUT within hours of the offer being made public!

Since then, I have been experimenting with other fruits for the same look, but a little taste variety. So far I have had success with pear and a plain version (just pastry). The strawberry was… less than effective!

Pear Rose Tart Experiment
The less successful Strawberry Rose Tart experiment

I will keep modifying these in hopes of more flavor offerings. The pear was pretty, but short on taste. The strawberry was a DISASTER in look and also bland. I can’t wait to try peach and more versions of the rose pastry experiments!

Until next time, keep the loaf in your heart and your belly!